Using your skills and creativity as a means of profit is the buzz nowadays. So if you’re one of the few people that are overloaded with talent, then get your wallets ready. Who would’ve thought that your simple hobby can be used as a living? Listed below are ten tips for selling your crafts and masterpieces online. Let’s get started!

  1. Hunt for a Niche
    Create a product because you love doing it. Make it stand out from the rest, not just another copycat that will flood this ever saturated market. Try creating unique crafts at first and see if it sells well. If it does, then go for it! Feedback also plays a vital role as well. If you had the chance, you can ask your friends and colleagues what they think about your crafts. Keep in mind that not all the time you will receive positive feedback. But don’t be discouraged for such. Instead, use this as a stepping stone to improve your masterpieces in the future.
  1. Take Advantage of Social Media
    People nowadays are having their eyes glued into their phones. Some might say that this is a bad thing. However, use this as an advantage to spread the word about your crafts. Create social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about your business. Or better yet, a YouTube account will also do as well if video editing is your cup of tea.
  1. Keep Your Listing Active
    Don’t settle for less. Keep your site listing active by advertising your crafts in a daily or a weekly basis. This will give buyers plenty of options to choose from. They don’t want to come back to a site every day just to see the same old crafts they’ve already seen for weeks.
  1. Be Creative with Visuals
    Based on a study, customers are more likely to buy online products when it comes with clear and better photos. Don’t settle on using your 10-year old camera for that. What’s the point of creating wonderful masterpieces if the camera you’re using to market them is like the one you found from the attic?
  1. Quality Descriptions is a Must
    Product descriptions are like SEO for blog articles. The better you’ll write descriptions, the more likely your crafts will rank to the top. Not only that, keywords play a vital role as well. So make sure to use both of these wisely when marketing your masterpieces.
  1. Renew Your Listings if Necessary
    Listings doesn’t stay forever. In a matter of weeks, they expire and will require renewing. So keep track of all your crafts and their listing’s expiration date. Remember, renewing your list requires a bit of cash but you don’t need to worry as it’s not costly.
  1. Use Deals
    Customers love incentives. And there’s nothing better than encouraging them to buy more to get discounted crafts and savings. Or better yet, you could also offer them free shipping as well for every purchase of a particular item.
  1. The Pricing Matters
    Always keep in mind that you have to price your crafts right. Not too expensive, and not too cheap. Make sure that the price is justified by the value of the item itself.
  1. Have an Affordable Shipping Fee
    Yes, your customer finally found a craft that they want to take home because of its affordability. However, they changed their mind when they saw your towering shipping fee for that specific item. This scenario is something that we want to avoid. So with that said, always make your shipping fee as affordable as possible.
  1. Create a Mailing List Feature
    The best way to keep customers updated about your crafts is by creating a mailing list. A mailing list lets you easily send offers and other important updates to your loyal customers without hassle.

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