Every business, no matter how small it is, can turn into a huge money making machine. This is because most small businesses don’t demand expensive training and comes with low capital requirements. And with that said, listed below are ten profit-making small businesses that you’ll surely love to try on.

Garage Sale Organizer

Fancy organizing garage sales? Then be one! You can make easy money just by organizing other people’s garage sale. Tell your clients that you’ll take care of anything from the advertising and down to the selling of the items itself. The best part is you don’t have to scout for people that’s too far away for a start since your neighbors are already enough for a good starting point.

Window Washer

Who would’ve that that cleaning windows is equal to a happy wallet? Yes, it is! Some huge window cleaning services will require a lot of equipment. But humble beginnings don’t have to be that costly. With a few selected equipment on hand, you can start your own window cleaning services at your neighborhood and earn some cash.

Virtual Assistant

Stop browsing Facebook and YouTube all day and start applying to become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant has a lot of benefits and the salary is definitely worth it. But of course, this will depend on your workload as well. There are myriads of clients all over the web who are in dire need of a virtual assistant. So don’t miss your chance and start applying for the position now.

Senior Care

Home for the aged establishments are looking for people that can take care of seniors. And this is the perfect job opportunity if you love taking care of such. Keep in mind that you must do this job because it’s your passion to take care of people, not because you’re being forced for the sake of money.

Shoe Repair

Do not underestimate the power of being a shoe repairman/woman. This small job can lead to a bulky wallet if marketed and done correctly. The best place to open your shoe repair shop is in the heart of the city, where people can reach you out instantly.

Dog Walking/Pet Related Business

If you love dogs, or pets in general, then this job is for you. The key for a successful pet-related business is to deliver higher value than what your clients expect. Remember, they put their trust into your hands so make sure that you tend their pets with love and passion.

Home Renovation Business

If you have the skill how to design and renovate homes, then say no more with this job. Keep in mind that you need the right equipment before you can begin and having a team to help you out is an added bonus as well.


Have big brains for math? Do you love mingling with numbers, especially accounting stuff? Then bookkeeping is definitely the job for you! If you’re skilled in this profession, then don’t let it come to waste. QuickBooks is an online bookkeeping/accounting program that can help you with your bookkeeping journey. However, this program comes with a price. But if you’re willing to pay for the sake of this profession, then you’re good to go.

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager can be exhausting, but worth it. To be one, you must be knowledgeable about English and literature since you will be writing articles most of the time. Not only that, you will also be dealing with SEO, plugins, and keywords as well. So keep your vocabulary game at its peak at all times.

Ride Sharing Driver

The ride sharing industry is an ever evolving community. As time goes by, more and more people are opting for this job for quick and easy cash. If you have a car, you can use it to become an Uber driver. However, if you don’t have one, Uber can lend one for you. Special licenses and insurances may apply so you don’t have to deal with costly car repairs if something bad happens.

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